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The weird and whimsical word "foodie" has been part of the popular American vernacular for decades now, and it is clear that the numbers of dedicated foodies throughout the country are rapidly growing. The term "foodie" commonly refers to one who is unabashedly and unreservedly excited about food, its ingredients, and its preparation. This exciting book, in the tradition of the other books in the Little Books series, examines the legal world of the foodie. This book will be a fascinating read for anyone anxious to learn more about the legal tussles that have taken place in the world of food. In eighteen chapters the author examines everything from patented desserts to the definition of olive oil, from poison mushroom to illegal fois gras. You'll also find the stories behind many of the foods we consume today on a regular basis. In addition, each chapter features recipes based on the content allowing you to experience the material in the book first hand. Finally, also included in the book is a fold-out "Timeline of Food", illustrating how what we eat is a vivid expression of our culture. From Soda Crackers to Fiber Plus, the "Timeline of Food" tracks the varied cornucopia of foods through the years--citing what foods were introduced to the American palete and when. Lawyers and foodies alike will find this a fascinating look at some of the most interesting legal wrangling that ever involved the power of the palate. This book is a must-have addition to your little books library.

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