Books of Law- Little book of Music Law- Item#1941

Enjoyment and creation of music is such a part of being human--and because it has such revenue potential—it is an art that is very contentious. This fascinating new addition to the ABA Little Book library discusses the history and cases surrounding the music business from the early 20th century through today, including cases involving some overwhelming talents within the music industry, like:
• Enrico Caruso
• Frank Sinatra
• The Beatles
• 2 Live Crew and Eminem
• and many, more!

Thrill to the over 350 pages of legal issues and developments that are fascinating, and yet astonishingly varied. This book is perfect for anyone interested in working in the music business, wanting a better understanding of it, or just enjoying an intriguing glimpse of this entertaining look at this most ubiquitous of arts.
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