Books of Law- Little book of Fitness Law- Item#2169

Fitness can be hazardous to your health—and your wallet! As lawyers know, the machines, aerobics, sports equipment, and myriad ways of hurting oneself that arise from the workout has resulted in a healthy amount of litigation. In this soon-to-be classic addition to the acclaimed ABA Little Book series you'll find an exhaustive array of heart-pumping tales from the workout world, including:

• Beware the Window: Working Out in a Crowd
• Failure to Warn: Using the Mini-Trampoline
• Clothing Optional Running: Or Not
• Svelte Swim Suit: A Competitive Business

If you're a lawyer, a sports-enthusiast, or just a fitness-litigation freak, you're sure to get pumped-up on this competitive collection of knotty legal disputes arising from the physical fitness arena, and the courts’ erstwhile efforts to mend fences and compensate victims.
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